New eLiterature Format

We are pleased to announce that, along with the printed form of our publications, we now offer the Program Basics in eBook format. The Program Basics include  Forever Abstinent, Sponsor Guidelines, Steps 6-12, Maintenance Sponsor Guide, The Twelve Traditions Study Guide and the Service Manual.

To purchase our eLiterature you do not need to own a special device such as a Nook or a Kindle. If you have any device, computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, that can download an app you can purchase our eLiterature and hear/read it on your device


  • Upon purchasing eLiterature, we will deliver a file to you by way of a link that allows you to download the eLiterature once and CEA-HOW has completed the process.  From there it is your responsibility to know where your device and application do with the file.  It is not possible to address the user experience level, device and eReader app combinations.  The following are some helpful hints that may help you in a successful launch of the eLiterature.  Once downloaded, we do not offer refunds.
  • Before you purchase eLiterature, you will need to have an eReader app  on your PC, tablet or smartphone.  CEA-HOW does not endorse any specific eReader app.  We deliver the eLiterature to you via a link. We are not responsible for your ability to load the eLiterature into your chosen app. We do provide some helpful hints below for a two of the more popular apps below which may be relevant to other apps.
  • No matter which app you select, when purchasing the eLiterature, Only purchase the .mobi format eLiterature if you are using the Kindle app.  All other eReader apps utilize the ePub format.
  • Apple products come with the Books app preloaded, other popular apps are the Kindle (.mobi) and Nook (ePub) and eBook eReader.
  •  The eLiterature app will deliver the eLiterature to you via a link on the confirmation email. Once the link is tapped the file is downloaded to the device you are using at that time.   At that point, we have delivered the eliterature.   
  • You will need to make sure you know how to get the eLiterature into your application as each application and device is different.  The following are guidelines regarding the more popular apps to help with that process.
  • Once the eLiterature is downloaded we cannot process refunds.   
  • You will only be allowed to download each piece of literature ONCE.
  • Once you have downloaded a publication, we cannot issue a refund.
  • Hints for devices and apps:

Kindle users:

  • Be sure to select the .mobi format of your eLiterature selection.
  • After purchasing and receiving the confirmation email, click on the link.   A notification asking you if you want to download the file may pop up.  Click “Download”.
  • Another screen may come up with the name of the eLiterature.  Hit the upload icon in the right corner and select the Kindle app from the options available.  The Send to Kindle notification will come up.  Select Send. A notification should pop up.
  • Go to your Kindle app and be sure “All Items” is selected.  Scroll through the literature to find your eLiterature.
  • If you use the Kindle app and would like your eLiterature available on multiple devices, review these instructions before you start or you can purchase and download a copy of the document while you are on each device.   Kindle App User Instructions

Apple Product/Books app users:

  • Apple products have the Books app
  • When purchasing the eLiterature, select the ePub format.
  • After completing your purchase, you will receive the confirmation email,
  • Click on the download link when you are on the device you want to view the literature on and that has the eReader app.
  • The downloaded file will either be moved automatically into your Books app (click on Library) of if not there, go to the Files app and then Recent.  You should see the eLiterature there, you may have to scroll through.
  • Double click on the file and it should open in the Books app.

PC Users

  • If you are using a PC, you will want to set up your eReader as your default application.   Click here for step by step instructions.  Before You Start
  • After you have downloaded the eLiterature and if it didn’t open automatically in your app look in the Downloads or My Kindle Content or search all of your files.

Purchasing your eLiterature:

Click on the following link for a Step by Step guide to purchasing eLiterature:  eLiterature Step by Step Guide

Click on the eLiterature tab on the menu bar above.  Select the literature and add it to your shopping cart.

When you are finished shopping, click on the shopping cart on the menu bar and review your order, then select Checkout.   Scroll down and click on the “Terms and Conditions” link.  Once you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions, click on the box to confirm your acceptance.  Then click on “Continue”.   On the next screen you will have the option of paying through Paypal or directly using your Credit or Debit Card.   After paying click on “Return to Merchant Site”.

You will receive a response on the screen thanking you for your order.  You will receive an email confirming your order along with the link to download the eLiterature  or you can click on the “Orders” link on the menu bar.  Once on the Orders page you will  see your purchases with a link to download the eBook.   At this point, what happens will vary with the device and app you are using. Generally it will ask you which App you want to use to open the file.  Select open and then find the app.  Literature will open up and automatically save to your eReader app. You will only be allowed to download each piece of literature ONCE.

Once you have downloaded the document we cannot issue a refund.

If after you have successfully opened the document in your application and the next time you can’t find it, use the search function.  Some apps classify the eLiterature as a document and doesn’t show up automatically.